Photo Ornament


Photo Ornament


This started as something special we wanted to give to friends and family around Christmas time. However, we’re such big fans of our customers, you are now in on the deal! 4″ x 6″ plates are cut at our local custom cutter into the fun design you see. A classic ribbon tie makes for the ideal hanger on the tree, the wall, or anything that sticks out, really.

Each ornament comes in it’s own gift bag.

We source raw aluminum from a local company here in Spokane to start with. Through our imperfectly perfect process, a distinctly distressed image is the result. It is never the same twice, and gives each individual print a personality. Unpredictable, but guaranteed to please.

UV coating:
Everything that leaves the shop comes coated in automotive grade acrylic UV protectant. Unless otherwise requested, we use a matte finish, because reflections suck.

Ribbon color:
Our stock changes constantly, so we usually pick what looks best. If you have a specific request, let us know.

Ornaments will ship within 7 days of ordering.


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